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Tozzi Green is a company specialized in products, services and projects for the development of plants and the generation of energy from renewable resources.

Since 2006 Tozzi Green has been investing in agriculture for energy and alimentary purposes in Madagascar, Italy and abroad.
This is based on the strong conviction that the combination of renewable energy, rural culture, integration, tradition, scientific research and innovation is the sustainable path for the future of the planet in view of the current world situation which requires prompt answers.

Tozzi Green’s project in Madagascar started and developed from the synergy between different experiences and cultures with the purpose of helping business and the region to grow economically and socially.


In Madagascar, Tozzi Green has acquired two hydroelectric powerplants which has been rehabilitated by itself in order to modernize and imporove its effectiveness.                                    The plants are based in Sahanivotry (15MWA) and maroantsetra (2,4MWA). A new plant (22MWA) has just been launched in Farahantsana - Mahitsy.                                                                 Hydroelectric plants are produced in order to meed local needs.

Wind turbines

Tozzi Green specializes in the conception, production and launch of small winds.

Learn more about our wind turbines here.

hyBrid systems

We want to embrace the challenge of providing electricity to those who are without it today. 

Sipromad Group wants to meet the challenge to provide energy to those people who need it most in order to create solid basis to fight againts poverty.

Thanks to electricity, it's possible to fight against infant mortality as it's possible to pump groundwater and to stockpiling vaccines in refrigerators following to temperatures required.


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