Akbaraly foundation

Our philanthropy to those who need it most seems to be a fair return to the society which has brought our success.

          Akbaraly Foundation was founded in 2008 by the willingness of Cinzia and Ylias Akbaraly in order to develop sustainable projects for their adoptive home.

          Akbaraly Foundation chaired by Mrs Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly, already has several projects as :

1995 : The founding of Fihavanana Association aimed at education and welfare of orphaned or abandoned children

2010 : launching of 4AWOMAN project focused on Malagasy women in partnership with Government of Madagascar, the World Health Organization and various internationally renown scientific partners. In 2013, the project stretches to the North of Madagascar especially in Mahajanga and Fianarantsoa where the same process is followed.

2011 : Organization of the TEDx at Antanananarivo under the theme “Strategy to control women cancers in Africa”. It’s the third event on-line the most watched in the world. From there, the Foundation has created its scientific committee with 60 experts and international institutions.


     1. Celebration of the 1st prevention and help Malagasy centres for women and children in the former building “Rex” which was a previous movie theatre.

     2. Celebration of the Mobile Unit project called “Luisa” (a Mercedes Truck) equiped on mammography, ultrasounds, power generator, telemedicine, screen, fridge…accompanied by a “pick-up car” to visit women in bush and villages. IIn 2015, services has expanded in maternal and pediatric prevention, general pediatric, motherhood, general medicine and vaccine anti-VPH

2016 : Celebration of the Mahajanga’s health centre called “Candide Hospital” after the scientific director who worked for Akbaraly Foundation.


          Akbaraly Foundation wants to strengthen its actions by deploying new centres to allow and help access to health care (chemotherapy, radiation, palliative care).

          The creation of an health center for complementary and alternative medicine is part of Akbaraly Foundation’s key projects.