Ylias Akbaraly - Chairman of Sipromad Group

                                                         Ylias Akbaraly - Chairman of Sipromad Group

"Go to your dreams, they will give meaning to each of your steps."

Our passion to our services and products lead us to always give our best, without compromising our values or our ethics. In doing so, we are sure that we will act for the best, whatever the result may be. 

The diversity of our men, brands and markets is a real wealth for the Sipromad Group.

We have goals that are ambitious by any reasonable standards, but we are confident in making them happen. At GS we have the potential to have an impact on the future of the country. 

Sipromad Group has a potential which could impact on the future. We build this future not only on using modern produtcs and services to satisfy our partner; but through our phylantrophy too.

Sipromad Group is actively involved in community life through Akbaraly Foundation, chaired by my wife, Cinzia Akbaraly. We are investing in the research, development and cancer prevention afflicting women in Madagascar and other regions.

We believe that we have an important responsibility towards society and our associates.

Only a sustainable business model taking the environment, the society in which we live and the personal development for our people, will help us to maintain our market position and our popularity.


Establishing the Sipromad Group as leading player in development and the partner which cannot be ignored in business.

Our goal is to offer high growth prospects and wide range of perspectives for professional, associates and community enrichment.

We conduct our actions with integrity, honesty and fairness at all times.


To give “performance” a meaning in order to make the Sipromad Group a truly sustainable business model.


Our values and philosophy reflect the accountable Group that we want to be. It is up to us to deserve the confidence that we have received to date in order to respect the following fundamental principles:                 -The search for optimal solutions to our Group, customers and partners                                            -The contribution to sustainable development

-Honesty and sincerity in what we do

-The enhancement of cultural and industrial diversity